As you know this is my first take at online writing. I am more associated with writing through pen so forgive me if I have some wrong spellings. As my first post, I would like to share with you a little information about me.

I am Mykael Cinco. I am married with six kids. I married when I was sixteen in a special ceremony somewhere in Paris. I am an tutor and a part-time real estate agent. In my downtime I love to write and do crafts like sewing, crocheting, and doing paper mache.

My kids name are Sophie, Macbeth, Nympha, Ivy, Pala, and Remor. We are a happy family. My husband died a few years back to due complication of the heart and good thing he has left savings for us. Though I can still work for the family, my eldest Nypmha said I should stop because I might get sick.

Now, I mostly spend my time writing and writing until my hands hurt. When I was a child I love doodling on woods and in extra papers my mother has left. So when I grew up, though I was not able to publish my own book, I was able to contribute to a lot of media newspapers so I am really happy that at least I was able to fulfill my dreams.