I have been an environmentalist for a couple of years now and I am loving every bit of it. I go to organizations which advocate caring for the earth and I saw a lot of potential partners in helping each other make a greater and better world to live in for the future generations.

I met one guy from Unu Motors who told me about the company’s goal of conquering city driving while helping saving the earth. We all know air pollution is one major factor why we have climate change these past few years. Unu Motors knows dilemma and so they created a vehicle which will help in addressing air pollution. Electric scooters, or what they call as the elektrische scooter are 100 percent powered by electricity.

It has a portable battery you can charge in hours and you can actually use it for three days. You do not just save the earth from harmful chemicals, you can also save time, effort, resources, and money when you use electric scooter.

So why I love using Unu Motors, you ask? It is because they love the earth more than just making money. And i think that is really a nice way to help.