Tell my husband and I need to buy each other Christmas gifts next year, and I am already thinking about it. The reason is that for the last few years he and I have not actually exchanged gifts, because we have just been investing in our home and relationship, by doing things like building additions into the yard and even going on nice vacations like a night to spend in one of theĀ Coal Harbour condos. But we have decided that we are going to exchange gifts, and I have to say that I am actually quite nervous. It’s like I had forgotten how to shop for the man I love. Isn’t it rain? I think it is so bizarre, but that’s how life goes I guess, you get used to something new, and the old feel so unfamiliar.

I have been a bit panicky, even though there is so much time before we exchange gifts, I’ve been spending time on the website called Survival Cooking, which gives me a very in-depth analysis of a bunch of different camping and outdoor equipment. Obviously, my husband is a man who loves this type of thing. However, I don’t know which products he needs, what he already has, and what he’s not interested in. Personally, I don’t really pay much attention to his camping, as it’s kind of his own thing. So, I was thinking that if he needed something he might be buying it himself, and that maybe I should choose from the array of amazing wrist watches, so I think that I might buy him one. I’ve been looking at some of the best watches under 500, and some of them are just screaming his name out to me. So that might be what I do, just feels weird cuz of never buy him anything like that before. That’s life.