A lot of people are wondering if Amazon Prime is “worth it”…. Honestly, when someone asks me a question like “is Amazon Prime Canada worth it?” I can’t believe my ears. Seriously, at this point in time, I guess I have just done enough research that I know that this question has literally become absurd. Yes, of course Amazon Prime is worth it, Amazon Prime is worth it to anybody, especially if you’re a student. When a student talks to me about the expense, I end up shaking my head. I literally shake my head. Because the student discount is so much that you’re paying about $3, to $4 a month for Amazon Prime. Seriously. And if you make even a few deliveries to through online shopping, the exemption from any type of shipping cost is really going to free you up from having to worry about losing money on this, you’ll literally be gaining so much value, and that’s before you even start using the cloud storage that Amazon Prime provides, that’s before you start using the streaming service which is right now being compared in a very positive light to Netflix, with some original series that are considered to be some of the most popular and interesting shows on television. Not bad. Honestly, if you’re someone who cares about value, there’s no reason you shouldn’t already have Amazon Prime Canada, especially if you are a student. Honestly, there are so many little bonuses and all sorts of interesting offers that only emergency are being a Prime member, that I guess maybe I’m spoiled with the information that I’ve made a purchase, of a membership, that is constantly rewarding me in providing positive feedback and things like that.