Month: June 2017

A Passion Project

  I am pursuing a passion project in the next few months. I will gather my friends and acquaintances to would like to donate their old things so we can organize a garage sale. I will be using my apartment for this event. I have been thinking to donate the proceeds to an adopted charity..

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Protecting People

Juju gives the amazing gift of peace of mind.That is a gift that cannot be undervalued by anyone, and I do not believe this can be overstated. There is nothing more valuable to someone who is suffering from any type of defect or health situation, then Tranquility, protection, and compassion. It can be really hard..

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Firming and tightening the skin

Yes, when it comes to vitamin C serum, I am just so happy that there is something that is able to tighten up and firm up my skin, make me feel so much brighter, like I am just exude in positive energy, and you know, I’m the type of person who struggles with dry skin.,..

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