Yes, when it comes to vitamin C serum, I am just so happy that there is something that is able to tighten up and firm up my skin, make me feel so much brighter, like I am just exude in positive energy, and you know, I’m the type of person who struggles with dry skin., I really do, I really do struggle with dry skin, I always have, and vitamin C serum, as well as just making me look younger and more Revitalize and things like that, it hydrates my skin and takes away that dry skin problem, adding a nice level of moisture, that is not unnatural and anyway, it just makes me feel like it’s the way that my skin is supposed to be, not to mention the glow that it adds, which makes me feel amazing as well I mean, who doesn’t want to be glowing, right. It’s a really special type of thing, and it’s the type of thing that I just think it’s so important to have, for somebody like me. I’ve always been self-conscious about my skin, I picked at it and had all sorts of issues about my skin, and this is the type of product that makes me just feel so much better about myself.