Juju gives the amazing gift of peace of mind.That is a gift that cannot be undervalued by anyone, and I do not believe this can be overstated. There is nothing more valuable to someone who is suffering from any type of defect or health situation, then Tranquility, protection, and compassion. It can be really hard to think of how we can offer these things to people, these supports that are so important and vital, and cannot be overdone. How can we protect someone that we care about in a in a way that is totally meaningful? How can we provide the opportunity for tranquility with in somebody’s existence that is being negatively affected by factors beyond our control and beyond their control? And, how can we protect people? How can we offer our support in a way that is constant and Powerful and how we keep those that we love defended from things that they can help puppy vulnerable to ? These are things that I think about all the time. I do think that these are essential, and as if you’re trying to think of a gift for somebody with cancer, somebody that is suffering from breast cancer or any type of cancer, or somebody who is even suffering from something that is less severe with can’t answer, or less severe than cancer,  but it’s still having a really negative effect on their day-to-day life, or their existence as a whole, and is making their experience with mortality less of a gift?