I am pursuing a passion project in the next few months. I will gather my friends and acquaintances to would like to donate their old things so we can organize a garage sale. I will be using my apartment for this event. I have been thinking to donate the proceeds to an adopted charity near my workplace. It is for disabled children and kids who have been abandoned by their parents. I visited the place thrice already to do community and research work and my heart goes out for them. Right now, six of my friends and three officemates pledges to donate things for us to sell as a lower price. I will be handling all the operations and all they will do is to handle the thigns to me. I am surprised that my sister wanted to donate too. She will be donating her old shoes, old books, some Zegarki wood watches, a few tumblers and clothes that she is not wearing anymore. My parents is also supporting me as well that is why  my heart is so humbled with their support. I am so inspired to continue this until we get funds enough to supply equipments for those kids in need. I hope more and more friends will support and donate in the garage sale for a cause.