My sister is an artist. She has a lot of passion relating to art. She is a photographer and a videographer. She documents events like press cons, weddings, debut, and other formal gatherings. She is also a painter. She just had her first solo exhibit in the nearby museum just beside the town hall and it was a hit. She also likes doodling and making new projects like scrapbooks, and even crafts. Last week she just had her crafts sale and it was also a hit to the towns people and the kids.

I once told her it is better to make her passion a business. My sister can be very curious at time but sometimes, she does not know where to go. She is often lost with her art. Her usual get-up is a pair of old tattered jeans, a leather jacket which she completes with best wooden watches and wrist bands in her left hand, and a pair of white rubber shoes. She looks cool and chic. Despite the fact that sometimes she is a bit lost in life while she juggles her passion, I strongly believe my sister will go places and she will meet people who will help her succeed and follow the right path for her. I, as her older sister and her confidant, is just her to advise her and look after her while we are away from our parents.