I honestly think that the only thing I have to keep in mind right now is to balance my academics and extra-curricular activities; and by doing so, I will be able to gain the right knowledge and be prepared as a future leader. Therefore, as I join my parents in promoting peace and harmony among us,

I also learn and I am open to friendship among different races and cultures. As a young girl, I am empowered to be a good example to others.

At home, I start to become a leader. Initiating everything i can hadle on my own, even my litter sister’s struggle with access point test and all those techie stuff she is not abreast on. I would like to be an inspiration to my peers and even to those who are younger than me. I would like to spread not only peace, but kindness and humility as well, because in the end, it is us the youth who will be the role models of the future generations.