There is a good side to having New Year resolutions. It does accept human limitations and frailty. It is recognition that the mistakes and mishaps from the past year (or years) can be rectified and result in a better person.

It seems to be that way but the media’s hype about celebrity resolutions somehow takes away the level of seriousness that should be given to the act. Personally, I have not engaged in forming New Year resolutions since I believe that any limitation should be attended to and resolved immediately without delay and not to wait for the following year. Life is too short to be procrastinating about what to do with self improvement.

What I’d rather see are the following changes in individuals or groups that influence the larger society. First, is world peace. This is not a laughing matter. Most dismiss this as a common wish in beauty pageants. But indeed, if one would give it a second look, it does have a significant ring to a world that has been in conflict in all of history. There simply should have an end to aggression and bullying by nations against another nation.


For World Peace. French marines from the 27th Alpine Mountain Battalion and French Task Force Tiger patrol the many valleys of Kapisa province, Afghanistan, April 21, 2009. (French army photo by Maj. Patrick Simo/Released)


On the local front, there should also have an end to corruption. The question is why do Philippine politicians, most of whom belong to the privileged class, still engage in corruption? It is like the rich stealing from the poor and keeping the loot. Unlike Robin Hood, who steals from the feudal lords to give to the poor! Why do Philippine politicians, once elected, spare no time in finding ways to get more money for themselves? Money from foreign assistance usually end up to fatten the pockets of these politicians. Now a newer breed of corruption includes non elective officials in high positions!


Progressive countries have long ago eradicated corruption in their political lives. The Philippines continue to suffer from corruption at every level of government and society, hence hampering potential development.


There should also be an end to bad drivers and bad cops. These groups exemplify the major dichotomies that pervade the streets of the country. They represent all the bad things that the Philippines have – bad citizens and bad law enforcers! You can extrapolate that to the major branches of government and you’ll find the same situation. Give the driver a steering wheel and give the psycho cop a pea shooter equals eternal chaos!


Student demonstrators are frequently manhandled by local cops. (Photo from Philippine Star)


And what about noise pollution? Why is it that the Philippines is too noisy? The streets and market places are all the same. Tricycles, jeepneys and buses not only are noisy, they also produce smoke pollution. Even the classrooms and public transportation have the same deafening decibel? Why do the affluent countries have tranquillity? Is that an indication of a higher level of culture and behaviour? Noise pollution should be stopped! I actually plan to have a new website pro-earth to encourage more youth to participate in the discussion. I have already bought a ranking hostingów plan and I am excited.


Vehicles used in the Philippines should be non petrol and noise pollutant like this Opel registered in France and used by my son during one of his travels to Europe.


And lastly, can something be done for copy pasting in school? In more serious terms, it is called plagiarism. Why do Philippine students engage in such wanton behaviour? They seem to do it without any remorse or conscience. That surely is an important area for change – every year!


Copy paste as usually practiced should be officially banned and students doing that should be sanctioned. Downside is if they do that, probably 70% of students may be liable!


So the question remains – are they doable? Well they are, but first, the individual person must be ready to accept the change – for him or herself. Each change that a person does will, of course, contribute to the greater good of society.