About 2 months ago, I started taking the drug Adderall for ADD, to help me focus on college work. I was amazed at how focused it made me, it actually seemed like a miracle drug. I really could not find anything wrong with it, until I experienced a bizarre episode of deep depression. This miracle drug is just like the miracle beauty care I bought for my face–all thanks to vitamin c serum for face reviews I found online.
Going back, I was fine all day, but at night, I fell into a depression I did not even know existed. Nothing in particular happened to make me feel this way, it was a very strange and scary experience. This kind of depression was scary in so many ways, one being that I actually started to have suicidal thoughts. After that night, I dismissed it, thinking that it would not happen again, but it did. It started to become a regular thing, every night, and I even noticed a new symptom: anger. When someone would say anything to me I would get extremely irritated, I felt like I could not control myself. I wanted to scream from being so angry and it was so hard not to blow up at everyone around me.

Pretty much every night, it would start the same: first I would have bouts of anger, which eventually turned into extreme depression episodes. No one around me really knew anything about the depression because I was so embarrassed about it. One night, I sat on the bathroom floor holding a bottle of pills, closer than I have ever been to taking my own life. After that night, I realized that something was very wrong, and I could not let it get that bad ever again.

I started looking on the Internet at the side affects of adderall. On the warnings for adderall, it does mention anger and suicidal thoughts, but the company seems to act as if it is not very common. Instead of looking on drug websites, I thought it would be better to look at reviews from people who actually have been taking Adderall. As I started to read these reviews, it stunned me. A lot of people had these problems, and actually described their personality changing as a result of the drug. The drug websites said that if you had depression that Adderall could increase it, but I started to think that it created it.

If you would ask anyone that knows me, they would tell you I am one of the happiest people they know. I am an optimist, and I have never experienced depression or anger anywhere near what I experienced after taking this drug. After researching more about Adderall, I learned that it is actually a lot like the illegal drug speed, which really put it into perspective to me. I am not a researcher for drug companies, nor am I in the medical field, but that does not mean I can’t tell the affects of this drug on myself. Another thing that scared me about this drug was that it happened so slowly, I did not even notice until it was out of control. It was like the story of slowly boiling a frog in water, I had no idea this was happening.

The reason I am writing this is to inform people who either have depression and are considering Adderall for ADD also, and to inform anyone who is taking the drug even if you don’t have depression. It is unbelievably easy to obtain this drug from your doctor, you tell them you have ADD, and they practically give it to you right away. I am shocked that doctors take this drug so lightly, and even prescribe it to children with ADHD. (It can even stunt growth in growing kids while they are taking Adderall) I am not saying this drug does not help people, as I’m sure it does, but doctors and the drug companies really need to emphasize how dangerous this drug can be. I would advise anyone taking this drug to make a journal so you know right away if your emotions are normal or seem to be changing drastically. None of my article needs any references, this is my experience, and is meant to warn people.