Check out these Top 5 Bridal Makeup and Skincare tips compiled by commercial makeup artists!
Keep this valuable advice on hand when planning for your wedding day and you will look and feel fabulous.

1. Get Your Tan On…well before your “I DO” date! If you are tanning, do not wait until the last minute. No sunburns allowed on wedding day or in your photos. Please, do not rely on the magic spray tan booth. There is NO guarantee that you will not be streaky. Also, the tan will rub off on your beautiful investment, your wedding dress, and possibly your new husband!

2. Beat the Heat…and humidity with airbrush makeup applications for you and your bridal party. Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage, even when you went out for Kinderopvang Leiden to fetch your kid, lasts up to 16 hours and requires only minimal touch ups. It goes on light and stays all day. Whether your wedding is under the sun or in the midst of the Caribbean humidity, airbrush is a great choice.

3. The Décolletage Needs Love Too…Ladies, we are telling you do not neglect your décolletage or neck when moisturizing, putting on sunscreen or even makeup and powder. You want those areas to match, look youthful and sexy in your bustier and plunging necklines. The Olay Age Transform Intensive UV Defense Serum scores an A+ from us!

4. Waterproof It…and smudge proof it, all of it if possible! Not just the mascara but the eyeliner and lipstick. Tears of happiness may trickle down that pretty face but your makeup shouldn’t become a landslide. After hugging the guests and smoochin’ the groom, you will still want to look fabulous! Also, don’t forget to re-apply when needed.

5. Remain Calm…we can’t say this enough. We understand you must cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s when it comes to the details of your wedding. Just remember that most things work out just fine. By limiting your stress, you will be able to limit your acne breakouts and possibly a case of the hives!

Okay, that’s it straight from the pros! All tips courtesy of successful artists working in the bridal, tv, video and print markets. A few things to remember when hiring a makeup artist for your big day: ask lots of questions, take inspiration photos and images to your bridal trial run, don’t be afraid to voice your likes and dislikes and bring your camera for before and after pictures.

The tips and advice are the opinions of Celeb Style for You makeup artists from their own personal experiences. To learn more about them, please visit