What could be more alluring than decorating your home with indoor plants that bloom in winter, when outside everything is bare and bleak? I’ve gathered my favorite fragrant houseplants that I love to decorate my rooms with. More fragrant plants like Jasmine or Angel Trumpets I display in large rooms, like my dining room, living room and master bedroom. More delicately scented plants I use to decorate smaller spaces.

Jasmine plants have shiny green leaves and small elegant white flowers. The fragrant variety of this indoor plant is perfect for decorating a dining room, entryway, bedroom or kitchen. Be sure to plant the jasmine in a pot that drains very well, and place the plant near a window. Jasmines will bloom both in partial shade and full light, making it easy to use this indoor plant for home decorating. Be sure to feed your jasmine with a low-nitrogen fertilizer once monthly.

Hyacinth, Tulip, Paper Whites

Your favorite garden bulbs can be tricked into blooming indoors. Plant your bulbs in pots and keep them outside in a cool spot for eight weeks to imitate a cool winter. Next, bring the pots indoors, where its warm like a Spring day, and your bulbs will be tricked into blooming during the cold winter months. Be sure to select fragrant varieties.


An easy indoor plant to grow, lavender has a soft aroma, beautiful pale stalks and leaves, and delicate purple flowers. Decorate your kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms with what looks like wild flowers, and this indoor plant will fill your home with an unobtrusive scent of sunshine. And because lavender blooms in winter, you’ll create a sense of Spring in your decor when all outside is frozen. Plant lavender in a planter that drains well and water it moderately twice a week. Lavender blooms best in full sunlight.


Of all fragrant indoor plants, begonias are the easiest to care for. For home decorating purposes, begonias offer the added advantage of large flowers and a wide range of color options. Even the leaf colors vary with Begonia Rex offering you a paler shade of frosty green. Begonias can decorate a bathroom, family room or basement as long as you place them by a well-lit window. Plant your begonias in peat-based potting soil mix and water them twice a week only, and make sure you buy scented begonia varieties.

Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia)

A stunning indoor plant for home decorating, the Angel Trumpet offers tall flowers with drooping, trumpet-shaped blooms. Like the jasmine, this indoor plant lets off a beguiling fragrance, making it ideal for decorating your larger, more elegant rooms like the dining room, living room or master bedroom. The Angel Trumpet requires very little water to bloom from spring to fall. Fertilize the soil with low-nitrogen fertilizer twice monthly.

Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora)

Passion flowers are large, star-like flowers in deep purple and most plant varieties have a soft fragrance. The flowers seem exotic because of the patterns and changes in shade along the petals, making this an ideal indoor plant for decorating your home or office. Plant your passion flower in soil-based potting mix, water it regularly and display it on the sill of a sunlit window.

Flowering Maples (Abutilons)

This indoor plant is very showy and can replace a flower bouquet and decorate a window sill in your living room, family room, bedroom or dining room. Unlike the Jasmine with its small white flowers, the Flowering Maples are elegant, slim and graced with a bell-shaped crown of petals. You can match the Flowering Maples to your decor, as the flowers come in orange or peach, red or pink, yellow or white. Plant this indoor fragrant bloomer in a pot that drains well and display it in a sunny spot, and your home decorating flowers will bloom from Spring to Autumn. Keep the soil fertilized with a low-nitrogen fertilizer application once monthly.


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