The Superbowl is an annual event most American families look forward to each year. For many, house parties are quite common and will cater to not only the man of the house but also women and children alike. With Superbowl pre-game activities as well as post game events, finding entertainment for the entire group of guests can be challenging. This Superbowl, consider these options for entertaining guests before and after the Superbowl game.
Prior to the Superbowl, create an inviting area for all genders and ages with the use of color. As soon as the Superbowl teams are established, create unique appetizer and drinks colored in the team color choices. For example, let’s say the Dallas Cowboys are heading to the Superbowl, a unique pre-game drink idea might be to mix blue colored Kool-Aid for the children and mix together blue mixed drinks with a splash of whipped cream on top. Most bakeries will sell cake confetti in a variety of colors, including silver, which can be added to the children’s blue Kool-Aid or even sprinkled atop the whipped cream of the mixed drinks.

During the Game:
While eyes are glued to the Superbowl game, the host or hostess will often serve finger type foods to energize the guests while not requiring they pull away from the television. As an interesting food choice, consider preparing finger foods and appetizers, again, with color enhancements of the teams in play. For example, if the Washington Redskins are playing, use naturally colored foods such as red hot dogs and yellow mustard to mark the occasion. Purchase plastic silverware and plates in colors of the opposing team. Plastic cups can be adorned with pictures of the landmarks in which these two teams are based. For example, on a red plastic cup, glue tiny photos of the Washington Monument or even the White House. Also, pull the mascot for the team and use as a party d├ęcor. If the Washington Redskins are playing, decorate the party in an Indian theme.

Following the Superbowl, it is not uncommon for the adults to linger about discussing the various game plays. For children, this is an optimal time to break out in a variety of Superbowl themed games. Using the mascot for the losing team, create a “Pin The Tail On the Donkey” styled game and allow the children to play for a sports related prize. Also, as an added incentive, send the children on a scavenger hunt using hints and poems themed based upon the teams playing the Superbowl. I also suggest you play some night time games where you can usetactical flashlight amazon. It will be fun!

As with any house party, the key is to keep guests entertained. While the Superbowl, itself, is entertaining, many adults and children enjoy additional elements to the excitement. Something which makes this party unique from any other. Using the two teams playing the Superbowl as a backdrop or theme to coloring food, creating games and mixing drinks, will make this a Superbowl party to never be forgotten. o